Liteblue eRetire : An Application for USPS Gov Retirement Employees

LiteBlue USPS platform is one of its kind platform that offers a wide range of services to all of its employees. This platform enables all the employees to make use of the portal and get the best services offered such as tracking the salary statement, work, service report etc. all at one place. This platform is fully secured and imparts a good package of facilities that aid the employees in everything.

One step login helps to gain instant access to the dashboard and manage all the works done by you to have knowledge about your service. Except for your job, you can also view your retirement plans in it using the eRetire feature. In this guide, we shall study the eRetire feature, how to apply for it online and its criteria in detail to have a better idea of all its services.

What is eRetire?

eRetire is a retirement service that is implemented by USPS through their LiteBlue portal. As USPS is a semi-government organization, the employees working in this organization avail a lot of benefits. Using the LiteBlue platform itself, a person can log in into their accounts and then, check out this feature to select the retirement plan of their choice and eligibility. ePayroll is a similar service from Liteblue.

This platform is said to offer a self-service plan that allows users to choose their favorite plan online and then, commence with their retirement plan from that instant only. It is very easy to do and is loaded with multiple options to choose from. To get an access to the eRetire options, begin by opening your account on USPS Liteblue website by logging in using your appropriate Employee ID and password. After that, you can get to your account by following the mentioned path: “My HR > Employee Apps > eRetire”. This way you can easily make use of the LiteBlue platform to access the eRetire feature.

liteblue eretire

About LiteBlue USPS Employee Retirement

This eRetire portal is a blessing to all the employees who want to get the most out of this service. USPS Employee retirement features mainly two sets of eligible groups for obtaining good retirement benefits. They are also given below:

  1. Category-1:Employees who have five 5 years of eligible retirement period.
  2. Category-2:Employees who have 180 days or (6months) of eligible retirement, as well as those, are presently eligible for retirement.

Only people who belong to these two groups are said to be available for full-time eligibility of USPS employees. For the part-time workers and postal inspectors who don’t work full time can get an additional estimate from other departmental heads. This estimate will then be replied in 14 days of time and not before it.

USPS Employee Retirement Criterion

There are several Eligibility Criteria that need to be matched before getting any retirement plan from USPS eRetire platform.

  1. Employees getting Retirement within 5 years:All the employees who are about to get retirement in about 5 years can view their eligibility estimates online as well as keep them in a printed way too. These plans are always based upon the employee’s retirement date or the date plus 6 months after that, or even the date plus 1 year forward.
  2. Employees who are presently eligible or have 6 months eligibility:These employees who come under this category can get a complete estimate of their retirement plans based upon their dates of the next month beginning, or seven months after that date, or 13 months from the date of his eligibility.

All these eligible employees also have the facility to opt for a custom date using which they can check all the retirement plans based upon different month.

Also, after the users have chosen for their best-suited plan, they can decide to wait or just access the application form side by side using their mail to request for the retirement plan. Later, the users can then, print out the online application for the retirement plan that they had decided to opt for. The USPS eRetire platform also allows its users to schedule a personal counseling or information sharing session so as to get all the necessary information of different retirements plans directly.

Final Words

eRetire Facility by the USPS LiteBlue platform is the best feature. It helps people to get full information regarding the retirement benefits and how to apply for them in a simplified way. As you have learned all the necessary details, it is time that you access this platform and apply for your retirement plan today!